break new ground of stem cell therapeutics

Stem cells have attracted much attention due to their roles in immune regulation, inflammation control, and regeneration. As a very promising therapeutics, a number of companies and research institutes are in the process of commercializing stem cell therapy. However, several challenges remain for stem cell therapy resulting from their weak expression of target genes and a highly variable therapeutic efficacy due to variability among donors and tissue sources. Continued exploration that address these challenges is needed to improve therapeutic efficacy.


To standardizing therapeutic potency of the stem cell therapy, we developed IntenCell® through the "S-I-S culture platform" that can minimize the genetic heterogeneity of stem cells and increase effective gene expression through cytokine stimulation.



First step


Donor and tissue selection, biomarker screening, and selection based on cell shape and proliferation rate for the development of functional enhancement stem cell therapeutics


Second step

Cell-to-cell interaction to the gene expression enhancement and homogenization


Third step

Increase expression of effective factors specific for disease treatment through selection and application of stimulating factors