• Periodontitis is a representative chronic inflammatory disease, and the proliferation of various bacteria and associated inflammation are highlighted as a strong cause, resulting in the loss of alveolar bones.

  • Periodontal disease is the 11th most common disease in the world and has a prevalence of 20-50% worldwide. Conventional treatment methods use symptomatic therapy or antibiotics in the early stages of the disease.

  • In the case of antibiotics that show effects through blood vessels, it is difficult to reach the surface of the teeth, so there is a limit to treatment, and periodontal disease is a chronic inflammatory disease and is very likely to recur.

  • The effect of inhibiting inflammation using IntenCell® was confirmed in a mouse periodontitis-inducing model. In the IntenCell® group, infiltration of inflammatory cells was reduced, and inflammatory cytokines were reduced.

  • IntenCell® is used to access the fundamental treatment of periodontal disease rather than the current symptomatic treatment.