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Engraftment of HSC

Early Engraftment of hematopoietic stem cell transplantation

  • Currently, in addition to traditional autologous bone marrow HSCT, allogeneic bone marrow HSCT, peripheral blood HSCT, and cord blood HSCT are on the rise.

  • Stable engraftment of HSC after early stage of HSCT is an essential factor in the survival of patients without graft failure.

  • In the case of allogeneic HSCT, especially cord blood transplantation, graft failures caused by decrease the rate of engraftment due to a small number of cells occurs (~6%). The progression of secondary transplantation (salvage HSCT) due to poor engraftment of HSCs significantly reduces the patient's survival rate.

  • There is a need for a plan to solve graft failure due to reduced engraftment rate that may occur in all kinds of HSCTs.

  • IntenCell® is expected to be a solution to improve the effect of engraftment through simultaneous transplantation with HSC.

  • When hHSC and IntenCell® was transplanted at the same time, hHSCs increase 30%P in the mouse bone marrow and peripheral blood were confirmed. Based on these results, non-clinical experiments are in progress and are preparing to enter clinical trials.

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